CONCRETE –  Much like many concrete companies, we started from humble beginnings; pouring driveways and footpaths with a team of just 2 or 3 workers working out of one truck. However, our professionalism, high quality of workmanship and attention to detail, have helped us to grow exponentially. Providing manpower for the biggest concrete companies in Canberra we’ve decided to make our own moves in the Concrete industry. We’ve relished in these new found opportunities, moving from small domestic jobs to large-scale commercial developments for some of Canberra’s biggest builders in a short space of time.

As we advance and adapt over time, our strong company values remain our most important asset. We strive for the highest level of safety and professionalism as is possible, accepting nothing less as we look ahead to continually progress and grow as a company, delivering the best results as we grow.

  • Commercial
  • Residential
  • Civil

Steel Fixing

Capital t Structural and Concrete and Construction based in ACT Canberra is an established company providing steel fixing construction services across Canberra. Our reinforcement contractors have experience providing complete steel fixing services to commercial, industrial, Civil and residential construction projects. While we are a high profile company our clients have been extremely pleased with our steel fixers because they’ll go above and beyond to meet deadlines of a structured program.

Our steel fixers a very quick and precise, builders use them as the anchor for the pace of the job to set the tone for all other trades because they work as a team and extremely fast.

Through regular communication and project monitoring, Capital T Structural Steel Fixing strives to build strong business relationships with our customers. We work hard to ensure construction deadlines surrounding steel fixing are met on time and to the highest quality without compromising safety.

Post Tension

providing Canberra’s builders total Post Tension Design and Construction as well as supply and installation services. Our executive team shares in over 20 years combined experience and proudly stands at the forefront of Post Tensioning in Canberra’s development and construction industry.

This growth is reflected with a growing team of highly skilled staff using cutting edge technology, equipment and machinery.

As the founding component of this company, our experts understand the wealth of benefits Post Tensioning offers, including; exponential savings of building material and labour costs during the construction period. With strong experience in all aspects of design and execution, The Capital T Structural  boasts a solid portfolio of structures including schools, retail centres, residential and commercial buildings. Capital T Structural considers no job too big or too small.

Today Capital T Structural Group has established an industry benchmark for supplying quality products, excellent and reliable services, an exceptional safety record, up to date calibration certification of all stressing equipment, and is fully supported by a host of professional and experienced staff to meet and conquer the challenges of our customers.

Form work

Capital structural Formwork is committed to service, performance, quality and delivering results for your project. As one of Canberra’s specialist formwork companies, we have extensive experience in delivering formwork projects across the residential, industrial, commercial and education sectors.

We specialize in architectural structures, columns, falsework, lift shafts, shoring systems, stairs, steel fixings and suspended slabs. Our products have been used in the construction of basements, bridges, high rises, hospitals, hotels, houses, multiple residence developments, offices, schools, treatment plants and many other projects in Perth and throughout WA.