DP Global

Ventures factory

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    Provides continuous pipeline of new concepts
    for development
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    showcases projects ready for external funding
    at various stages of development
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    Provides a platform for a rewarding and
    challenging career s including the DP Global
    Ventures Intern Program

DP Global

Ventures Guarantee

For investors who are selected to invest
alongside us at stage in any of our projects

Offer to return the investment funding if agreed milestones are not met as agreed or remedied within a given period .( Contact us for specific and detailed T&C relating to any specific project ).

Offer the option of follow on investment for subsequent rounds of funding prior to engaging different or new investors

Offer existing investors in any project the opportunity the first right to invest in any new projects

Any investment in any project is subject to statutory and regulatory requirements
. Please contact us for details or we will provide details to those that submit an EOI


How Does It Works

DP Global Ventures has adopted a refined but differentiated approach
in its approach to create start ups and fast track it’s development path .

All current and existing projects are initiated and created by the Founder . The list of potential ideas is then brain stormed in the DP Global Ventures ” bunker” with several of members of the DP Global Ventures think tank .

Once an idea or concept is appropriately filtered by the think tank , the research team do all the basic work to allow the concept to progress to the POC stage and transferred to the Implementation Team

The 4 core teams collobrate and are responsible for developing the idea from POC to commercialism and meeting all of the bench at each stage of the project.


Our Projects

DP Global Ventures creates ,develops and funds its own
startups prior to engaging with a external parties for full commercialisation and exit options


Work with us

DP Global Ventures provides opportunities across a range of positions.
We have a DP Global Ventures Intern Program for young graduates or those studying mode .