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Why Cottonseed…?

Who knew… cottonseeds are dynamic little organisms packed with natures perfect formula containing; glycosides, proteins, saponins, steroids, phenolic compounds, aluminium, tannins, resins, potassium, sulphur, amino acids, sodium, carbohydrates, phosphorus, iodine, flavonoids, calcium, saponins, lactic acid, fluorine, iron, sulfhydryl compounds, strontium, betaine, silica, magnesium, choline, chlorine, manganese and traces of barium, copper, zinc, phytins, phosphatides, boron and nickel.

Cottonseed is also rich source of vitamins such as; inositol, nicotinic acid, thiamine, biotin, riboflavin, folic acid, pyridoxine, pantothenic acid, vitamin A, vitamin D and vitamin E. These little seed contain yellow pigments, flavones, gossypupurin, carotenoids, gossyfulvin and gossycaerulin. Enzymes such as phytase, lipase, peroxidase and catalase all found the amazing cotton plant.

‘That Hair Stuff’ is a completely natural hair product tested and proven to volumise, condition, cover regrowth, maximise shine and color, in the most convenient and shortest possible time without any water!

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That Hair Stuff offers solutions you may not have believed possible!
Convenient, light and easy to carry, no water or other products required.

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    Super easy to apply by yourself anywhere, anytime while turning your worst hair days into your best hair days…… effortlessly
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    Six vibrant tones to match and highlight your own color.
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    Combine ‘That Hair Stuff Hair Volumiser’ with ‘That Hair Stuff Unisex Hair Product’ Both uniquely designed for complete compatibility, delivering maximum results for your best hair.
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    Together these two products are a complete package, delivering; volume, shine, clean, healthy, magnificent hair. Face each day looking and feeling great!
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    Separately, each product works specifically for hair enhancement. Individually, strand by strand, the fine pharmaceutical grade cottonseed powder attaches to your hair immediately delivering improvement in front of your eyes. The Unisex product reduces hair oiliness while also improving volume.

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